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David Childers: No words describe the talent of this one man. If you have an opportunity to see him perform, take it.

A September note from David ...


After our show with the Bill Noonan band at Rodi on December 29, the Modern
Don Juans and I will disperse to do other things with our lives and our
talents. Mark will be producing records, and playing with Hot Rod Greased
Lightning and Lou Ford. Robert will be playing and touring with 2013 Wolves
and Alina Simone, Randy and I will be working on a duo act and writing new
songs, as well as other projects. We are all excited about the new
opportunities life is giving us, and something tells me that we will reunite
one of these days to play the music we have enjoyed playing for the last 4
years. This is a friendly, thought out change. I believe it will result in
all of us expanding our horizons and creating something new.

We are all very grateful to those of you who have come to our shows,
encouraged and supported us, bought our records, been our friends here and
abroad. I can say that it has been a very rewarding and life changing
experience. That is why the show will go on, just in a different way.

The website, will stay open for news, show dates, and
sales. I hope you will all come there from time to time. The music and the
poetry will continue.

Again, my thanks to all of you. DC

Friday 09/14/07 Boone Saloon - Boone NC

Saturday 09/15/07 The Visulite Theater w/ Volatile Baby - Charlotte, NC


No Depression Magazine
April 2007

David Childers & the Modern Don Juans
Burning in Hell
(Little King Records)

Like its predecessor Blessed in an Unusual Way, Burning in Hell is a fitting title for this David Childers album. The Mount Holly-based Childers plays like he's trying to stomp out hellfire and writes from the perspective of one whose pants cuffs were singed in the process. It's also no coincidence that the stylized illustration on the front of the album brings to mind the cover of a certain Louvin Brothers record. Satan is sure enough real, Childers is saying, and, across Burning in Hell, he finds the darkness lurking everywhere: sinister mothers, bad seeds, doomed love, child neglect, the office park, the highway and the battlefield.

To get the message across, Childers uses his trademark directness to aim for the gut. Or lower-—"Mama used to beat my ass," he bellows to jumpstart the album. He and the Modern Don Juans, at their most versatile and inspired here, lean on the equally direct styles of honky-tonk, rockabilly and early rock. It's get in, make a point, kick a little musical ass and get out. All in about two and a half minutes.

The stripped-down "In the Early Morning" comes off like a slightly higher-fi Nebraska outtake with its quiet but potent detail. Set next to the rock-and-country clang, it's an expert change of pace. But a more threatening musical 180 occurs when "Your Crime" roars to a start in the gentle, closing echo of "In the Early Morning," Randy Saxon's rumbling guitar riff as foreboding as winter thunder. It's that moment—-and a dozen others—-that prove, hellfire aside, what holy talents Childers and his Don Juans are. —Rick Cornell

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